Breastfeeding Teas: Unravelling the Magic of Nursing Tea

Nov 30, 2023
A new mum enjoying a cup of breastfeeding tea
Dear Mums!

You are about to relish the joys and challenges of motherhood!

As much as you love those baby cuddles and snuggles, there's one thing that's about to make you worried. It is nothing but breastfeeding, and you could certainly stay ahead of this challenge with a simple cup of tea. Yes, you heard it right! Lactation tea or breastfeeding teas and organic silver needle white tea, are the new stress reliever for new mums, and here's why you should sip it too.

As a new and breastfeeding mum, your body needs more liquids and nutrients to help you recover quickly. This is when a cup of tea comes in handy! A postpartum tea or lactation tea can provide both liquids and nutrients to stimulate breast milk production.

So, dear breastfeeding mums, this article is for you. In this journey of exploration, we hope to discover the world of lactation tea. We will see what the best teas are for milk production and how they can help us.

However, apart from breastfeeding teas, there are many ways to improve our milk supply, and let's explore a bit in those areas as well. Remember, motherhood is a never-ending hustle. But with a warm cup of tea, you'll be ready to take on anything!

What is lactation tea?

Lactation tea is a caffeine-free herbal infusion designed to stimulate milk production in nursing mothers. It's made into a tea that new mothers sip many times a day to help them recover after childbirth.

Herbs used to make lactation tea are called galactagogues because they stimulate milk production. Common herbs in lactation teas include fenugreek, anise, coriander, thistle, and many more.

While there is anecdotal evidence and traditional use to support the effectiveness of lactation tea, scientific studies on its efficacy are limited. Yet, as we discussed before, a warm cup of tea can help you relax and keep you in a good mood for better milk production. These can even help you with hydration, which is directly linked to improved breast milk supply.

It is important to note that lactation tea should not be used as a substitute for proper breastfeeding techniques and frequent nursing or pumping. On the other hand, you should not replace proper medical advice or medications with these herbal remedies.

What tea is good for breastfeeding?

If you are from the Asian continent, you will come across a list of foods and beverages that are good for lactation, according to your community's knowledge.

Similarly, many other societies have identified a set of ingredients for better milk production. In most cases, this information is passed down from generation to generation, and we may need proper scientific research to back these claims.

Here are some examples of teas that are safe to drink while breastfeeding:

Ginger: Tea made with ginger root helps reduce motion sickness.

Chamomile tea: This Organic Chamomile tea has been shown to aid in both calm and sleep.

Peppermint tea: This can help you with digestion and may also help reduce milk supply if you have an oversupply.

Red raspberry leaf tea: some women believe this tea can help with milk supply, but there isn't enough research to support this claim.

Fenugreek Seed: According to studies, it can stimulate our milk production.

Fennel: This herb has a smooth and sweet flavour. It has diverse uses as a condiment and herbal tea. According to studies, fennel can improve the formation of certain hormones and thereby help with better lactation.

Blessed Thistle: Tea made from Blessed Thistle has also been shown to boost lactation.

Sometimes tea makers create blends of herbal teas using these ingredients, and with the Finest Organic Tea Co, we've got a delicious breastfeeding tea to help you stay nourished!

When should I start drinking nursing tea?

Lactation tea is a combination of herbs that may be drunk as tea, usually many times daily. It is advertised as a supplement to boost breast milk production. But it is best if you can keep these intakes in moderation.

Here are some recommendations on when to start drinking lactation tea:

After birth: The optimum time to start drinking lactation tea is after your baby is born. Sometimes, certain herbs may have additional impacts on nursing mums' bodies.

So, some parenting guides advise delaying lactation tea use for a few weeks after the baby is born.

Depending on your needs, you can also consult a midwife and clarify when to start these teas.

Drink regularly: To see results, drinking 2-3 cups of lactation tea daily will be helpful.

Some herbs used in lactation tea may have unintended consequences, even though the tea is typically considered safe for nursing moms. Therefore, before taking any supplement, including lactation tea, it is best to talk to a doctor.

What are other ways to increase supply?

The quantity and quality of breast milk may be improved in several ways. The following are some time-tested techniques that mums have used successfully:

Breastfeed more often

The more your babies drink your milk, the more your body makes. In the first few weeks, while you establish your supply, nurse your baby whenever they are hungry and for as long as they want. When the first breast is empty, give the second one.

Pump between feedings

Pumping in between feedings might assist if you want to make more milk. If your baby misses a meal or you have extra milk, pumping is a great option.

Empty your breasts well

Make sure you empty your breasts before each feeding or pumping session.

Breast massage

If you want to pump more milk, massaging your breasts before and while you do it might assist.

Avoid dehydration

Hydration is the magical key to a sustained breastmilk supply. You must pay close attention to your fluid intake and keep it at optimum levels. Milk production may be inhibited by either inadequate or excessive fluid intake.

Maintain a healthy diet

Ensure you get a balanced diet. Breast milk may have a distinct flavour after exposure to garlic, onions, or mint, which may encourage your infant to suckle more often and increase your milk supply.

Consider galactogogues:

Herbal and pharmaceutical galactagogues may also help lower milk production. But you need to consult a doctor before moving into pharmaceutical galactagogues.


In conclusion, breastfeeding teas are truly a mother's best friend on her nursing journey. These magical brews not only offer a comforting and delicious experience but also provide a plethora of benefits for both mum and baby. From boosting milk supply to soothing digestion and promoting relaxation, these herbal blends are a gift from nature to support and nurture new mothers. Mother should check Organic Relax tea.

Remember, every sip of breastfeeding tea is a moment of self-care, a pause in the beautiful chaos of motherhood. So, sit back, savour the taste, and cherish this special time with your baby.

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