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Our Organic Black tea is 100% pure and is great for your health. Black Tea is the Most Popular Tea in the World. Our exquisite selection of black teas and black tea blends will surely please you, whether you prefer black loose-leaf tea or black tea bags. 

We offer beautiful types of Organic Black Tea, which can be purchased online from our UK organically certified store and delivered quickly and conveniently to your home. 

Organic Black Tea Loose Leaf

We pride ourselves on our extensive collection of single-origin, organic, loose-leaf black teas. The best loose-leaf organic black teas range from malty Assam teas to gorgeous Darjeeling teas. You can also check out our Organic Herbal Tea, which offers the best premium products.
Best Organic Black Tea

The Portuguese introduced black tea from China in the sixteenth century after learning that it enhanced mental clarity and well-being. Fermenting and oxidising the black tea leaves allowed them to withstand the long transport across Europe.

Organic Assam Black Tea

We consider tea a way of life, not merely a drink. We can thus assist you in finding your match, whether you're looking to be buoyed up by the bold taste of Assam or transported on a journey with our Russian Caravan Tea.

We provide numerous distinct varieties, each thoughtfully chosen to meet your unique preferences. Why not try green tea instead of black tea, like Ceylon, if you're not particularly into that? Or white? You can order any of our teas online for quick and easy home delivery. Shop today to get the best loose-leaf black tea anywhere globally, delivered right to your home. 

Black tea has undergone greater oxidation than oolong, green, and organic white tea. Though there are many other types of tea to choose from, the most popular is black tea, which includes Assam, gunpowder tea, Keemun, and black sencha. It is a robust, flavourful, and full-bodied tea frequently used as the foundation for flavoured teas like Earl Grey.

Types of Black Tea 

Drinking Loose-Leaf Tea is the best way to explore the wide variety of flavours that great tea regions offer. Just look at our beautiful amber-hued Organic Darjeeling Loose-Leaf tea—FTGFOP 1 Spring Valley—full of delicate floral qualities from Darjeeling's cherished spring flush to see how remarkably different black tea can be. It's the furthest thing you can get from, say, our hot and rich Masala Chai.

Do you want to make the ideal morning tea? Please view our selection of high-end breakfast teas. If you're new to loose-leaf tea and want to discover your preferred breakfast brew, consider ordering our Classic Black Tea Samples Pack. 

Alternatively, sipping an Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea could be the ideal place to begin.

Lastly, learn about the famous black tea area to get a taste of the complete history, culture, and geographic treasures of the world of black tea

Though there are several varieties of black tea, it is the most often consumed tea in the West. This tea can be sipped hot or cold, with sugar and milk or over ice and sweetened with syrup. Originating from the Camellia Sinensis plant, it undergoes complete oxidation prior to being dried and processed. This provides it with its characteristically strong and sharp flavour. 

Benefits of Black Loose Leaf Tea: What are they useful for?

Black tea contains antioxidants that have a range of potential health benefits. Because of its caffeine content, it is often used to reduce fatigue and increase mental alertness when consumed in moderation. Black tea is the most highly-produced variety of tea worldwide.

Loose tea has numerous advantages. We all need to cut back on the needless packaging we use. You don't need a tea bag while brewing tea at home. You also get a better-tasting tea when it's loose. Since so many fabulous teas are never packaged, many fresh flavours and varieties become available. You'll also save money because loose-leaf tea typically costs less than its equivalent in teabags.

Based on a few cups per day, we have compiled a list of the top health advantages of black tea. However, to fully reap the benefits of black tea, it is advised to drink it unsweetened and without any added milk or sugar.

1. Oral Health: Studies indicate that black tea inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay and lessens the production of plaque. Black tea's polyphenols not only destroy and outcompete the bacteria that cause cavities, but they also prevent the bacterial enzymes that cause plaque to attach to teeth from growing.

2. A Healthier Heart: Research shows that persons who drink three or more cups of tea a day, regardless of where they are from, have a 21% lower risk of stroke than those who drink fewer than one cup of green or black tea. You may enjoy Organic Green Loose Leaf Tea Online at

3. Antioxidants: Polyphenols, antioxidants found in black tea, help prevent DNA damage caused by tobacco use and other harmful substances. Because these antioxidants differ from those found in fruits and vegetables, including them regularly in our diet can help us live healthier.

4. Cancer Prevention: Over the years, some studies have indicated that antioxidants like polyphenols and catechins in tea may help prevent various types of cancer. Much more research is needed to definitively advise cancer prevention measures. There is evidence to show that regular black tea drinkers are less likely than non-drinkers to develop ovarian cancer.

5. Healthy Bones: Because tea contains phytochemicals, it has also been proposed that people who regularly drink tea have stronger bones and a lower risk of developing arthritis.

6. Lower Diabetes Risk: A study of senior citizens residing in Mediterranean islands revealed that those drinking black tea moderately for a long time—one to two cups per day—had a 70% lower risk of either already having type 2 diabetes or developing it.

7. Stress Relief: Black tea's calming and relaxing properties are well-known. Studies reveal that the amino acid L-theanine, which is included in black tea, can help you relax and focus more effectively, as well as wind down after a demanding day. Consuming black tea in moderation on a regular basis has also been demonstrated to lower cortisol levels, the stress hormone.

8. Improved Immunological System: Black tea's alkylamine antigens contribute to an increased immunological response. Furthermore, it contains tannins, which are known to combat viruses and shield us from common infections like the stomach flu, the common cold, and others that we encounter daily.

9. Healthy Digestive Tract: Tanning agents boost immunity, treat intestinal and stomach ailments effectively, and lessen digestive activity.

10. Enhanced Energy: Tea's modest caffeine content helps improve blood flow to the brain without overstimulating the heart, unlike other beverages with comparatively larger caffeine content. It also stimulates the heart, kidneys, respiratory system, and metabolism.

If you're looking for a low-calorie, unsweetened beverage with less caffeine than coffee or energy drinks, black tea is a fantastic choice.

It has a robust, distinct flavour and is high in antioxidants, providing several health advantages. These could include lower blood pressure, excellent gastrointestinal health, and lower cholesterol.

The best part is that it's readily available at numerous stores and online and relatively easy to make. If you haven't already, think about trying black tea so you may enjoy all of its health advantages.

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