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Oolong tea is also known as semi-fermented or blue tea. It's a Chinese tea variety that falls between black teas and green teas. It's one the most highly prized varieties today. This Chinese tea is highly valued for its health benefits, especially its antioxidants. Its unique flavor is also a big part of its appeal. Some of its varieties are the most highly regarded among the many teas made in China.

Best Organic Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is the best of both worlds. It is a delicate blend of flavors that dances between the strong black tea and astringent, green tea. This tea is designed to calm your nerves, and brighten your day. It has floral notes with a smooth finish. After harvesting, tea leaves are partially oxidized and dried before being rolled to create oolong brews. Discover your favorite oolong or blue tea, packed with health benefits! Try the best varieties available at like Organic Earl Grey Tea.

Organic Oolong Tea Loose Leaf 

The intricate manufacturing process for oolong tea loose leaf, where expertise and tradition combine to produce a truly exceptional brew. The leaves of oolong tea are bruised in order to promote oxidation. To manufacture oolong tea loose leaves, you need precision, skills, and a good understanding of flavor profiles. Next time you enjoy a delicious cup of loose-leaf oolong tea, think about the long journey that it took to get there, from the tender leaves to the perfectly brewed pleasure.

Benefits of Oolong Tea

It can help reduce the absorption of fat by your body and even burn fat in problem areas, such as the stomach. It has been proven that those who drink oolong regularly have a lower rate of breast cancer. Compounds in oolong seem to target and destroy cancerous breast tissue. Oolong teas are full of benefits! Did we mention that they are delicious? If you haven't tried oolong before, you are in for a delightful surprise! Check out our varieties of Organic Decaf Tea which is too less caffeine. 

Why Choose Us for Natural Oolong Tea?

You can buy oolong in our online store. We have a large selection of Oolongs Teas at Tea Shop for all types of flavors, including citrus, fruity and sweet, floral, and roasted. The nutritional value of our oolong and its constitution make it a great way to reduce weight. Our oolong is especially beneficial in reducing the effects of weight-loss due to its unique structure and nutritional makeup.

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