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Silver Needle is a visually stunning tea that is much sought after in China due to its relative rarity and beauty. However, Silver Needle is more than simply lovely flora. 

This incredible Silver Needle White Tea -- also known as Baihao Yinzhen or White Pekoe Silver Needle elsewhere in the world -- is a rare and unique type of tea that is produced exclusively in Jinggu, Yunnan Province, China from a special variety of Camellia sinensis. 

Silver Needle is refreshing and soothing in its own right because of its aroma, colour and taste. To get the perfect tea, you must prepare it correctly. This tea is refreshing and has many health benefits when brewed correctly.

Organic Silver Needle White Tea

Silver Needle white tea is the best variety. The term comes from the way the dry tea looks on the outside. It resembles a needle in form. 

Additionally, the tiny strands (referred to as "hairs") that cover the outside of the needles give them a silvery hue. However, not every tea with the name "Silver Needle" is made equally. It is the most costly white tea in addition to being the finest. 

For centuries, monarchs and royal families have favored this particular tea. When it comes to its flavour, this Organic premium White tea is exquisite.

The plants need to be grown with extreme care in unique geographical conditions. These elements are necessary for the production of the smooth texture and delicious aroma that rejuvenates our bodies and minds. This tea is also among the most expensive and best on the market.  This premium tea is a delight to the senses, both in terms of colour and aroma. You can enhance its taste by adding honey.

Organic Jasmine Silver Needle Tea

Silver Needle white tea with the most aromatic Jasmine flowers! This tea is scented with jasmine flowers six times, each time for four to five hours. It produces a rich, sweet infusion and a multi-layered, textured taste. It is considered the king of Jasmine tea. The tea makers layer white & virgin tea buds for 12 hours on a specially prepared Jasmine flower bed. The white tea leaves are layered on a six-inch thick layer of aromatic flower, which is then impregnated by an overwhelming aroma. Organic Black Tea is also very good for our 

Why Choose Organic Silver Needle from Us?

We believe that drinking tea shouldn't just be a routine but should be an experience every time you enjoy your favourite cup. We handpick and make our Silver Needle Tea just for you. We only want to serve the best tea to you and we do everything possible to make sure that happens, from ethical practices to quality assurance. 

You can order our premium Organic Silver Needle Tea on our website.

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