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Decaf tea, which is made from a variety of plant parts, including blossoms, leaves, and roots, lets you enjoy your favorite beverage without having to worry about being wired or too energetic. Decaf teas allow you to unwind at any time of day with flowery mixes or energizing mints. 

The term "decaf tea" refers to tea that has zero caffeine. Those who are sensitive to caffeine or those who enjoy having tea before bed may find this to be beneficial. It's crucial to remember that, depending on how it's made, decaf tea may still contain extremely tiny amounts of caffeine. More on that in a moment. Though the Camellia sinensis plant produces the most generally consumed and accessible forms of tea, all teas can be decaffeinated. These include green, oolong, and black tea.

Decaffeinated Loose Leaf Tea

If you want to have a cup of tea before bed without being more awake or causing sleeplessness, decaf tea is also a suitable option. Decaf tea is readily accessible in both loose tea and tea bag forms, and it is just as flexible as caffeinated teas. Decaf tea pairs perfectly with your tea sets and accessories, just like regular tea does. You may also check our organic loose leaf tea leaves available in different flavors. 

Organic Decaffeinated Tea

Naturally caffeine-free teas are not the same as decaffeinated teas since the former still contains traces of caffeine. Depending on the decaffeination process and the quality requirements of the firm that extracts caffeine from tea, the amount of caffeine will change. 

Organic Decaf Green Tea

Green tea that has had most of its caffeine removed is known as decaffeinated green tea. It is a well-liked option for people who prefer the flavor of green tea over caffeine or who are sensitive to the stimulant and wish to minimize its side effects. The fact that decaffeinated green tea has less caffeine than ordinary green tea is one of its advantages. Caffeine, which is found naturally in green tea, has calming effects. You may prevent these side effects and yet enjoy the flavor of green tea by selecting decaffeinated varieties. We have organic decaffeinated green tea available for sale in the UK.

Organic Black Decaf Tea

Decaffeinated black tea is an all-around tasty and healthful beverage that you should definitely try. The fact that decaffeinated black tea has less caffeine than ordinary black tea is one of its advantages. Caffeine, which is found naturally in organic black tea, can stimulate the body. For people who are sensitive to caffeine or who just want to enjoy the flavor of black tea without the caffeine, this is an excellent option due to its reduced caffeine concentration.  

Organic Decaffeinated Matcha Green Tea

There is less than 1% of caffeine in decaf green tea powder. It readily dissolves instantly in hot water with only a little stirring, and its flavor is full-bodied, smooth, and somewhat sweet without tasting vegetable. The powdered decaf green tea is kept fresh by being packaged in a foil that can be sealed again. It will undoubtedly satisfy anyone who wants a milder green tea flavor with less caffeine.

Since "Matcha" is frequently used interchangeably with green tea powder, some refer to it as "decaf Matcha." Using a proprietary water process, organic Sencha powder is used to make our decaf green tea powder. That says no chemicals are used in the decaffeinate process. The most organic method for removing 99% of caffeine from green tea leaves is to use water. We also have organic matcha green tea powder.

Why Choose Us for Decaffeinated Tea?

We at the Finest Organic Tea Company are committed to making organic green tea available to everyone. Our teas are available at affordable prices, without compromising quality or taste. Our organic tea has a variety of flavorful blends of tea leaves to enjoy anytime without compromising on the health benefits. We support the farmers who prioritize their land and workers' health by choosing organic. Organic farming helps protect biodiversity and promotes a healthy ecosystem.

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