Carbon Neutral and Sustainable

Being a sustainable and carbon-neutral tea company has been at our core from the word go. We owe it to the planet to give back what we have taken away! We have strived to make positive steps in how we source our teas, pack our products, and give back to Mother Nature.

We proudly announce that we are a carbon-neutral company from the offset. That means that we have considered the CO2 we produce in shipping, sourcing, energy and even our travel to and from work, and then we offset this by planting trees worldwide. We are proud of our planet, and it is time to give back what we have taken for so many years.
Another essential part of our core beliefs is that our suppliers should be on the same page as us, which is why our suppliers are part of either the Ethical Tea Partnership or the Rainforest Alliance. Working towards a sustainable business that works for both the company, the human rights of its workers and the environment.
Packaging is something our industry has always struggled with; I will, hand on heart, say it's not perfect. However, things are finally changing in how we package products worldwide. It's a balancing game for us as a tea company; we need to protect the environment by not using single-use materials but also ensuring your tea arrives and stays fresh. Although not a perfect solution, we have chosen the best current balance available. Our 125g bottom-box tea pouches are made from new food-grade technology that has the same ability to keep our teas just as fresh as the less recyclable foil-lined bags. Our bags are widely recyclable by most councils.
Packaging is a fast-moving industry, and many businesses are currently creating new and exciting products with sustainability in mind. It is a work in progress, and we are constantly reviewing our packaging options as things move forward.

We also use unique peel-able labels on our bags, which can be peeled off once you have finished with the product, ready for your bag to be recycled! We ask you to please peel it off before you recycle your bags appropriately. We are also proud to announce that the tea packaging company supplying our recyclable bags is also carbon-neutral!

We are always looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment, so we have teamed up with Reusabox for our shipping boxes so that whenever you order from us, it will arrive through the post in a box that has been saved from just being thrown away; this doesn't mean that someone else has used it, it merely means it was either over ordered, not needed or just plain going to waste. The same goes for our packing material.


Let's talk tea bags; all our tea bags are made with no synthetic glues, whether it's the tag attached to the bag or the way we seal it. It doesn't rely on any bond, just merely heat. Our bags themselves are made only from corn-starch... there really isn't much we haven't thought about regarding having as little impact on the environment and your health when we set up The Finest Organic Tea Company.
As we have stated, there is a lot more as individuals we can do to help the planet. Unfortunately, we won't re-freeze the icecaps by sending out your tea in unused surplus cardboard boxes, but we can put our heads on a pillow at night and know that we are actively trying to do our bit!

The Finest Organic Tea Company