Christmas Afternoon Tea Ideas for Hosting Perfect Tea Party

Dec 21, 2023
It's time to share the joy of Christmas afternoon tea!A Christmas Afternoon Tea celebration
With a cupful of togetherness, we all get ready to strengthen our family bonds.
Christmas afternoon tea ideas can be explained as one of the most fun, indulgent, and exciting ways to get into the festive spirit. In the afternoon tea Christmas parties, people enjoy delicious foods and drinks like finger sandwiches, pastries, cakes, mocktails, and hot beverages.

Anyone can throw a luxury Christmas tea party at home.

If you are running out of ideas to host your next Christmas afternoon tea party, look no further. Here's your complete guide to Christmas afternoon tea ideas, and get ready to host that perfect tea party you have been dreaming of!

Get ready to discover ideas for delightful treats, decorations, and joyful moments that will make your festive season memorable.

Christmas-Inspired Tea Selection

A Christmas afternoon tea should always consist of a flavorful punch for everyone at the party to enjoy. With a selection of festive teas, you can infuse your afternoon tea party with warmth, flavour, and the joy of the festive season. Here are a few tea and blend ideas to begin with.

Organic Christmas Tea:

A festive blend that captures the spirit of the season. Crafted with the finest black tea Assam from South India, this delightful concoction is a symphony of flavours. The robust notes of black tea Assam create a strong foundation, while the sweetness of the apple and the zesty brightness of orange peels add a playful twist. Infused with the comforting aroma of cinnamon sticks and the natural essence of oranges, every sip is a journey into festive nostalgia.

Organic Christmas Tea Fruit Blend:

This delightful blend captures the essence of the Christmas season. The sweetness of the apple and the tangy notes of hibiscus create a balanced foundation, while the rich grape essence adds a touch of elegance. Similarly, many other fruity ingredients combine to form a symphony of flavours.

Festive Spiced Chai Blends:

You can always warm up your tea party with a cup of spiced chai. These blends usually fuse with cinnamon, cloves, and a touch of nutmeg. Some warming and spicy chai tea ideas include tea blends like Black Chai tea or classic Chakra Chai herbal tea.

Classic English Blends:

Apart from the spicy and fancy Christmas Afternoon Tea Ideas, you can always switch to a selection of traditional English teas. A classic Ceylon black tea or an Assam black tea can always bring full-bodied flavour and joy to your tea table.

Tea Mocktails:

Being a Christmas tea party, you will always have mocktail lovers on your guest list.

So here are some tips to get your mocktail selection going.

As a mocktail, pear and rose punch is known as the perfect winter drink for an afternoon gathering. It is made with ginger, cardamom, vanilla, and rosewater, giving it warmth and freshness.

Non-alcoholic mulled wine and pomegranate mojito mocktails also match nicely for the drinks of the Christmas mocktail party.

Other Beverage Options:

Sometimes, you can even use different hot chocolate recipes for afternoon tea according to your preferences. Further, some parties offer coffee recipes instead of tea or any other drink. It includes cappuccino, latté, macchiato, and mocha.

Festive Finger Food Selection:

Finger foods may create less mess and more joy for a party like a Christmas afternoon party. You will only need a few food trays, paper plates, and napkins.

Some famous finger foods are sausage cheese balls, sweet cashew nuts, and spicy party nuts. To give it a more festive vibe, you can choose fancy finger foods like Christmas wreath appetisers, King Crab Appetisers, savoury cucumber sandwiches, Cold Chicken Cheese Kabobs, etc.

Some sweet finger foods and desserts include scones, pastries, cakes, and tea biscuits.

Feel free to add a variety of finger foods to your offering; however, it also needs to pair with your selection of teas.

Festive Tea Accessories

Teaware or tea accessories are very important to organise an elegant tea party with a pleasant welcome for all the guests.

Generally, tea accessories like a teapot, tea strainer, milk jug, sugar bowl, hot water teapot, plates, cups, and saucers are needed to host a formal Christmas afternoon tea party.

Sweet and savoury snacks will be presented as delightful treats on a cake display stand. And also, you may need some elegant tea party accessories, like stainless steel flatware, for a polished-looking table. Butter spreaders, teaspoons, dessert forks, and pie shovels are some examples of stainless steel flatware.

Entertainment and Activity Ideas for a Christmas Afternoon Tea Party

Christmas afternoon tea party games People sat around having Organic Christmas Tea

Even though it's a Christmas tea party, it can be boring for guests without party games or activities. However, these games and activities should be matched with the Christmas theme of the party.

Check out the below list for some out-of-the-box ideas.

Ribbon Game:

It is an excellent icebreaker for a Christmas tea party with unknown guests. In this activity, all the guests are given a piece of ribbon at the entrance without knowing the reason. Later, request each guest to address the group, talking about themselves for the length of time it takes to tie a perfect ribbon.

Tea Testing:

Making a range of teas with different flavours and letting the guests enjoy the different flavours of tea.

Questions in a Teapot:

Take a separate teapot with some funny activities and questions. Pass the teapot among all the guests

"Guess how many." Jar Game:

A jar is to be filled with some sweets or pennies, and each guest is to guess how many sweets are in the jar.

Tea Party Bingo: People Playing Christmas Games

Create your own tea party bingo cards with interesting suggestions. Hand them over to the guests when they arrive at the Christmas afternoon tea party. Examples of bingo suggestions are "Eat an egg salad sandwich", "Eat more than one type of cake", "Drink more than two types of mocktail glasses", etc.

Santa's Bag:

Have the guests sit in a circle and pass Santa's bag around the circle. The bag consists of an assortment of random items, and guests should try to guess the things without looking inside the bag. They can only place their hands inside to feel the objects.


A tea party doesn't get into its mood without proper decorations and lighting. You can transform a simple tea party into a vibrant gathering with these décor ideas.

Pick your colours:

Christmas party decorations always go with red, white, and green colours.

Décor ideas:

Yarn tree centrepieces are one of the least expensive decorations to use as Christmas decorations. You can even set up a mini Christmas tree with many tea party-themed decorations and gifts. Think of adding a few fancy garlands, Christmas-themed photo booth props, Twinkle lights, etc.


The magic of Christmas afternoon tea lies in the laughter shared, the warmth felt, and the strengthened bonds.

A perfect Christmas afternoon tea party combines Christmas-themed festive foods, festive drinks, festive tea accessories, and decorations.

So, as you curate your delightful spread and gather around the table, may the spirit of the season fill your hearts with wonder and gratitude.

Here's to a season of love, togetherness, and the magic that tea brings to our lives.

Wishing you a joyous and delicious Christmas afternoon tea celebration!

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