Organic Matcha Powder: Unlocking the Secrets & Benefits!

Dec 25, 2023

Matcha Bowl And Whisk On A Black Tray Welcome to the world of organic matcha powder, a marvel in the tea industry known for its vibrant colour, unique taste, and wide range of health benefits.

This finely ground powder has taken the world by storm, captivating tea lovers and health enthusiasts alike.

Originating in Japan, organic matcha isn't just an ordinary green tea. It's a unique form of tea rich in tradition and taste. From the meticulous growing process to the distinctive preparation style, every aspect of matcha speaks of a cultural heritage that reveres harmony, respect, and tranquillity.

Organic matcha powder is worth exploring if you're a tea lover searching for an organic green tea or a beverage with great taste & health benefits.

In this article, we will take you on a journey through what matcha is, how to prepare it, the health benefits, and also some places where we can buy it. So, let's embark on this exciting adventure into the heart of organic matcha powder!

What Is Organic Matcha Powder?

Understanding what makes organic matcha powder unique starts with understanding its origins and what it's made of. Matcha, in essence, is a finely ground powder made from specially grown green tea leaves. The term "matcha" translates to "powdered tea," fitting given its form.

Unlike regular green tea, where leaves are steeped and removed, matcha involves consuming the whole leaf. This drinking style brings enhanced health benefits to this unique tea. The organic aspect of matcha powder means it's cultivated without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals, making it even healthier and more flavourful.

The production process of matcha is equally intriguing. It starts weeks before harvest when tea farmers begin to shade the tea bushes from direct sunlight. This step boosts the plants' chlorophyll levels, giving the leaves their vibrant green colour while increasing the production of amino acids, caffeine, and theanine (according to studies).

Once harvested, the leaves undergo the steaming, drying, and ageing phase. Then there's a step to remove leaf veins and to grade, before being stone-ground into the fine, silky powder we call matcha.

So, organic matcha powder is a treasure trove of green tea goodness, densely packed with flavour, nutrients, and health benefits.

Brewing and Preparation of Matcha Tea

Brewing and preparing organic matcha powder differs slightly from making your standard tea cup. But the process is still simple and enjoyable and will guide you exactly what to do.

• First, gather the needed tools: a bamboo whisk, a tea bowl, a tea scoop, and, of course, your organic matcha powder. The tradition of making matcha tea is called the "Way of Tea" in Japan, and these tools contribute to the overall experience.

• Warm your tea bowl with hot water, then dry it carefully. Next, take your tea scoop and measure two scoops of organic matcha powder into the bowl. It equals one to two teaspoons if you don't have a tea scoop.

• Now comes the important part: adding the water. The water should be just under boiling, around 175°F (80°C). Pour in about 2 ounces (60ml). Don't use too much water; you’re not making a large cup of tea but rather a concentrated shot.

• You need to whisk once the powder and water are in the bowl. Mix the powder and water together briskly using your bamboo whisk until a thick froth with many tiny bubbles appears on the surface. This should take about 10 to 15 seconds of whisking.

• The final result is a rich, emerald-green tea with a frothy top ready to be savoured. Hold the bowl with both hands and take slow, thoughtful sips when drinking. It allows you to appreciate the creamy texture, the slight bitterness, and the lingering sweetness of the organic matcha.

This brewing process is a mindful practice that connects you to the centuries-old tradition of matcha preparation. It's about the end product and the journey to get there. So, take your time, relax, and enjoy every step.

Health Benefits of Matcha Bowl Of Matcha And Whisk On Wooden Table

Matcha, mainly organic matcha powder, is a powerhouse of health benefits. This green tea variant, famous for its vibrant colour and rich taste, can significantly add to your daily wellness routine.

• To begin, organic matcha is loaded with antioxidants, specifically a type called catechins. Antioxidants are fantastic for our bodies. They help fight damage from harmful molecules called free radicals, thus protecting our cells. The most potent catechin we can find in matcha is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This catechin type is linked to many disease prevention activities, such as fighting cancer, viruses, and heart disease.

• Next, matcha is an excellent source of L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation without inducing drowsiness. Combined with caffeine in a moderate amount of matcha, L-theanine helps improve brain function. This results in calm alertness, enhanced cognitive function, and a better mood, unlike the jitters and crashes associated with coffee.

• Thirdly, organic matcha can aid in weight loss. Studies suggest it boosts metabolism and burns fat without raising heart rate or blood pressure. It makes it a safe aid for maintaining a healthy weight.

• Lastly, matcha has been found to support heart health. Regular consumption may lower bad LDL cholesterol while improving good HDL cholesterol. This functionality is essential for heart health, as high LDL levels can lead to cardiovascular disease.
Remember, while matcha is an excellent health booster, it's not a magic cure-all. Consuming it as part of a balanced diet and maintaining a regular exercise routine can significantly impact your health.

There you have it! The fantastic health benefits of organic matcha. From its high antioxidant levels, relaxing properties, and weight loss aid to its heart health support. All these reasons make matcha a worthy addition to your daily routine. Start your day with a cup of matcha, and your body will thank you!

Where to Buy Matcha Powder?

Finding a place to buy organic matcha powder might seem daunting at first. However, when you find the right vendor or tea brand, you will prefer to stick with them, as sometimes it could be hard to find some fine quality matcha powder.

Your first option could be your local health food stores. Many of these stores carry various organic products, and matcha powder is often among them. This way, you can compare different brands and prices immediately.

Matcha Powder Arranged For Brewing

If you prefer online shopping, there's an array of options. Internet retailers like Amazon carry a wide variety of matcha brands. Shopping online lets you easily compare prices, read customer reviews, and learn about the different types of matcha available.

But continue beyond generic online retailers! Many tea companies now sell their products online. Browse their websites to explore a vast selection of matcha powders. Many popular tea brands offer high-quality matcha and often provide detailed information about their sourcing and production processes.

Farmers' markets are another great place to look. You might find small tea vendors who sell their speciality matcha powder. Plus, buying at farmers' markets supports local businesses, and you can get insights directly from the seller about the best way to enjoy your matcha.

However, when purchasing, remember to look for labels that certify the matcha as organic. Also, please pay attention to the country of origin and ensure it comes from Japan, which is known for the best quality matcha.

Finally, whichever buying route you choose, ensure the matcha is vibrant green, which signifies its freshness and high quality. This way, you're more likely to get a delicious, health-boosting cup of tea.

In conclusion, buying matcha is as easy as stepping into your local health food shop, clicking around online, or visiting your local farmers market. Happy matcha hunting!


In our journey today, we've explored the fantastic world of organic matcha powder.

We've looked at its rich history and traditional preparation methods that promise to transport you to a serene Japanese tea ceremony. We've also understood the health benefits it offers, from the refreshing energy boost to its potential cancer-fighting properties.

Furthermore, we've ventured into the realm of sourcing this excellent tea. Whether you choose to shop at your local health food store, browse online retailers, or visit a nearby farmer's market, you're now equipped with the knowledge to choose the finest matcha powder.

Remember, when choosing your matcha powder, make sure it's organic, sourced from Japan, and boasts a vibrant green colour.

We hope this article has sparked your interest in organic matcha powder and you're excited to start your own matcha journey.

With some practice, the perfect cup of matcha is within your reach. Happy brewing, and savour the moment with every sip!

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