The Best Teas for Every Season: A Guide to Seasonal Tea Drinking

Feb 16, 2024
Tea poured out from a ceramic tea pot, in a snowy background

It is time to start a journey through the seasons. Not alone! But with a cup of tea accompanying your journey;

As the weather changes, so do our cravings and desires, and what better way to satisfy them than with a perfectly brewed cup of tea? The world of tea is diverse and vast. You will surely find the right cup of tea that suits your mood and the season. From brisk and refreshing blends for summer to warming infusions for winter, there are plenty of teas and tea ideas for us to sip, savour and share. So, grab your favourite teapot, settle in, and let's begin this enchanting journey.

Spring Teas

Spring is for your renewal. As flowers bloom and some trees sprout new leaves, our bodies crave a fresh start. So, here are some popular types of spring teas to have a fresh start!

  • White Teas:

Often harvested in spring, the organic white tea are one of the least processed teas, retaining many antioxidants. Here, the flavours are mild and soothing, and refresh you with a hint of floral aroma. White teas are best for drinking as a warm brew with your favourite cookie and circle of friends.Try Now!

  • First Flush Darjeeling:
Known popularly as the "Champagne of Teas", this is the first picking of the Darjeeling tea plants in spring. The flavours here are floral & muscatel, a unique combination identical to 1st Flush Darjeeling tea. Try Now!


  • Green Tea:
Many Green tea varieties, like Dragon Well or Sencha, have their best harvests in the early spring, so you should consume these during the spring. You can even switch to organic green teas if you prefer pure enjoyment.Try Now!


  • Cherry Blossom Tea:
Often blended with green tea, it captures the essence of spring with its floral notes.


  • Mint Tea:
Fresh mint leaves make a refreshing brew for the spring, and you can even use these as an ingredient for your spring cocktails and mocktails.Try Now!


  • Herbal teas & tisanes:

A spring tea list would not be completed without herbal teas and other tisanes. You can get these in many forms and flavours to suit your occasion and requirements.Try Now!

Here's why you might want to brew a cup:

  1. Spring teas are often the freshest. They come from plants that have just woken up from the winter. This means they're packed with nutrients.
  2. After a winter of heavy foods, our bodies need a detox. Herbal teas can help cleanse our systems.
  3. The natural flavours of spring teas can lift your spirits. Think of it as a sip of sunshine!
  4. These teas can help settle your stomach and aid digestion.

Summer Teas

Summer is about warmth. It is the season that our bodies seek refreshment and hydration. So, here are some popular types of summer teas to keep you cool!

  • Iced Black Tea:
A classic choice, it's both invigorating and cooling when served with ice. You can use these as a base for delicious cocktails or mocktails. Try Now!
  • Chamomile Tea:
A calming herbal tea. Perfect for those warm summer nights. Chamomile tea is also used in infusions with other herbal ingredients, so try that as well during your summer tea gathering. Try Now!
  • Hibiscus Tea:
A tangy, deep-red tea is often served cold and can help cool the body. When served as an iced tea, this one becomes a true crowd-pleaser with its ruby-red brew. Try Now!
  • Peppermint Tea:
Its natural cooling effect makes it a summer favourite. Try Now!
  • Lemon Balm Tea:

A citrusy herbal tea that's calming and refreshing.

Here's why you might want to brew a cup of Summer teas

  1. Summer teas are often light and refreshing, making them perfect for sipping throughout the day.
  2. These teas can help cool you from the inside out.
  3. The natural flavours of summer teas can be a treat for your taste buds. Imagine a burst of freshness with every sip!
  4. These teas can help keep you hydrated.

Autumn Teas

Autumn is a season of cosy moments and vibrant colours. Our bodies seek warmth and comfort as leaves turn golden and the air gets crisp. So, here are some popular types of autumn teas to wrap your hands around and feel the warmth!

  • Chai Tea:
Chai tea is a spicy blend with warming spices like cinnamon and cloves. This classic Indian-origin chai tea can warm and comfort you with its sensational spice fusion. Try Now!
  • Oolong Tea:
Its rich and complex flavours mirror the depth of the autumn season. The flavours are delicate and floral, to suit any mood you are going through this autumn. Try Now!
  •  Apple Cinnamon Tea:
A fruity blend that captures the essence of apple orchards during the fall.
  • Ginger Tea:
Its warming nature is just right for those cooler autumn mornings.
  • Pumpkin Spice Tea:
A seasonal favourite, it brings the flavours of pumpkin pie into your cup.

    Here's why you might want to brew a cup of Autumn teas:

    1. Autumn teas are echoing the hearty foods of the season.
    2. Feeling a chill? These teas can warm you from the inside.
    3. The natural flavours of autumn teas can be a treat, reminding you of festive times.
    4. These teas can be your cosy companion during the shorter days.

    Winter Teas

    We all look for warmth and snugness when winter rolls in with its cold winds and long nights. What's better than wrapping up in a blanket? A hot cup of tea? Of course! Here are some of the best cups.

    • English Breakfast tea:
    A rich and full-bodied English breakfast tea can bring you many wonders, especially when consumed in cold winter evenings. These teas are ideal for drinking with milk, & matching your cosy winter moods. Try Now!
    • Earl Grey:
    A black tea with a hint of bergamot, perfect for frosty mornings. Earl Grey black tea can keep you comforted while pleasing your circle of friends.Try Now!
    • Cinnamon Tea:
    This spicy tea is like a warm hug, ideal for cold winter nights.
    • Ginger Lemon Tea:
    A zesty blend that warms you up and boosts your immunity.
    • Masala Chai:
    A rich mix of spices and black tea, it's a winter staple in many Indian homes. Masala chai is all about warmth and flavour, so you can add it to your winter tea list. Try Now!
    •  Vanilla Rooibos:

    A caffeine-free option with a sweet, soothing taste.

    Here's why you might want to brew a cup of Winter teas

    1. Winter teas are often rich, helping to combat the cold from the inside.
    2. Feeling the winter blues? These teas can be mood boosters.
    3. The natural flavours of winter teas are comforting, reminding you of holiday festivities.
    4. Need to warm up after playing in the snow? These teas are your best friends.

    Other Tips to make a perfect cup of tea

    The art of tea-brewing is unique. There are some basic rules you should follow to get that perfect cup of tea. Below are some pro-tips to get your tea journey started:

    1.  Always store your tea in a cool, dry place. This keeps the flavours intact.
    2. Use fresh water for brewing. It is crucial for a perfect cup of tea.
    3. Don't rush the brewing time. Letting tea steep for the right time brings out its best flavours. ( it differentiates from the ingredients.)
    4. Always add the right amount of ingredients to have a perfect cup of tea.
    5. Pair your seasonal tea with some seasonal foods for a great tea party.
    6. Consider your allergies and any other health issues before trying a new type of tea.
    7. Remember, every cup of tea is packed with benefits. So, make the most of it!

    Quick Summary

    Isn't it amazing how tea seems to blend with the seasons? Spring brings teas that feel like a fresh morning, while winter gives us that cosy, warm hug in a mug. After a long, cold winter, spring tea can help shake off the cobwebs. And when summer's heat is beating down? A cool brew is there to save the day. So, next time you sip, remember: it's more than just tea. It's a seasonal treat for the soul.

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