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Earl grey tea blend has a distinctive aroma and flavor. The oil of bergamot is what gives the tea its distinctive flavor. Earl Grey is traditionally black tea that is blended with bergamot essential oil. Today, there are many different versions. Some people like to add lemon peel and cornflower petal to black tea to make a blend.

Earl Grey tea is a symbol of refinement, elegance and has a rich and unique history. Its flavor is characterized by the subtle citrus flavors of bergamot. There are many varieties of Earl Grey, each with a unique flavor profile. Organic Decaffeinated Tea is available for those who want to avoid caffeine. It still has the same rich flavors, but without the stimulant effects.

Organic Earl Grey Tea Loose Leaf

Making Earl Grey Tea can be a simple task. The best results are achieved with high-quality loose Earl Grey tea. Quality is key. Avoid artificial flavors and choose brands that use natural bergamot oils. The tea leaves should have a rich color and a scent that immediately reminds you of bergamot. You can see our variety of organic earl grey tea loose leaves.

Earl Grey is a blend of tradition and innovation. It is a mix of east and western. It is both familiar, and exotic. It is both comforting, and invigorating. Earl Gray is a tea that you can enjoy with milk, a lemon slice, or even a cloud of cream.

Why Choose us for Organic Earl Grey tea?

Earl Grey is more than just a tea. It is a journey, a journey into history and cultures. Earl Grey is a tea that will seduce you whether you drink it with milk, a lemon slice, or even just a cloud of water. 

Our Earl Grey teas have been selected and processed with great care. You can be assured that you will receive a product that is full of flavor and health benefits. We also sell other types of tea in addition to our Earl Grey. All teas like Organic Pu Erh Tea are available online and in-store!

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