Organic Boost & Energy Tea

Organic Boost & Energy Tea

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Green Tea China Gunpowder* (75%), lemongrass* (10%), mate green* (6%), White Tea Mao Feng*, Black Tea Golden Yunnan OP*, natural lemon flavouring, lemon peels*, mallow*, natural apricot flavouring, dandelion*, horsetail*, Green Tea Matcha* (1%), spirulina*, guarana*(1%). *Certified Organic.


Lemon - Apricot taste.


An energetic composition that boosts your energy levels throughout the day! This organic Green tea is made up of four fantastic teas: Gunpowder China Green tea, Matcha tea, Mao Feng White tea and Black tea Golden Yunnan OP. 

This tea blend gets its energy-boosting power from organic green tea Matcha, organic spirulina and organic Mate green tea. Matcha is a type of green tea powder that has lots of antioxidants. It gives you sustaining energy without the crash you get from coffee or other drinks with caffeine.

Spirulina, a superfood, packs nutrients and supports healthy brain function. Similarly Mate green is a natural source of caffeine that provides an additional energy boost. It is the ideal green tea to boost your performance.

With a delicate white tea presence, a sweet note lands on your palate. Your taste buds then embark on a fruity journey between lemon and apricot. The finish is characterised by the arrival of the flavour of green Mate, halfway between tea and coffee.

Energy's organic green tea blend produces a more subtle flavour than coffee. Lemon and dandelion strengthen the immune system whilst spirulina and horsetail provide the minerals. A real cocktail of "health" benefits for detox and body energy! 

 Here are some key benefits of the Organic Boost & Energy Green Tea blend:

  • An ideal green tea to boost performance.
  • Promotes weight control and mental efficiency.
  • Lemon and dandelion strengthen the immune system.
  • Contains healthy bioactive compounds.
  • May protect the brain from aging.
  • A real cocktail of "health" benefits for detox and body energy.
  • Spirulina contains a host of compounds that help the body fight inflammation and boost the immune system.
  • Green tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant – can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol and may even protect against cancer and other chronic diseases.
  • May help prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Increases fat burning.

🌿 Organically Certified

✅ Natural Flavouring


Water temperature: 75 - 80°C

Use 5 grams per 330ml cup

Steep for approx. 3 - 5 minutes to find your ideal strength and flavour!

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