Buy Organic Evening Herbal Tea - Relaxing Bedtime Blend
Buy Organic Evening Herbal Tea - Relaxing Bedtime Blend
Buy Organic Evening Herbal Tea - Relaxing Bedtime Blend

Organic Evening Herbal Tea (Wellness Tea)

Organic Evening Herbal Tea (Wellness Tea)

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Apple*, verbena whole*, balm*, natural orange flavouring, orange peels*, Tulsi*, marigold*, Mandarin Oil*, hop petals*, lady's mantle herb*, valerian*, savoury*. *Certified Organic.


Orange - Tangerine taste.


This Organic Evening Herbal Tea possesses numerous health advantages and is an excellent option for consumption at night. It comprises of diverse flora such as verbena, tulsi, blossoms, and fruits such as apple and orange rinds to work as a caffeine free herbal tea. This mix has natural herbs and fruits that are gentle on the taste buds and good for your health.

The sugary savour of apples combined with the scent of orange rind engenders a fruity essence. The verbena and lemon balm produce a slightly lemony taste, which contributes to the invigorating attribute of the beverage. The botanist's herbs, such as valerian, tulsi and lady's mantle (also known as 'alchemilla'), offer a vegetative touch to the drink. 

The principal flora employed in this tea is verbena. It is often combined with lemongrass or mint to help with digestion and it is also linked to the nervous system. This organic herbal tea is amalgamated with lemon balm, orange, hop, and valerian, all flora known for their calming effect, anxiety and insomnia-mitigating privileges.

These plants encourage relaxation and slumber and complement the enthralling taste of the organic apple. Alchemilla (also known as Lady's Mantle) and marigold blossoms lessen digestive unease, whilst tulsi imparts an antispasmodic impression. Therefore, the orange verbena concoction is an impeccable option to savour for a restful night.

Here are some key benefits of Organic Evening Herbal Tea:

  • Contains plants like verbena, savoury, flowers, apple, and orange peels.
  • Sweet apple and orange peel aromas create a fruity flavour.
  • Verbena and lemon balm add a slightly lemony taste.
  • Lemon verbena is calming for mind and body: it's well-known for relieving stress and nervousness.
  • Contains valerian for insomnia relief and work as a sleeping tea. (Sleep well tea).
  • According to research, tulsi is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. Thus, it fights infections and protects the body. Tulsi also helps boost immunity because of its antioxidant properties.
  • Valerian can help with sleep, stress, menstrual symptoms, and menopause. But if you take sedatives or other sleep or anxiety meds, don't use valerian root.
  • Soothing the stomach and promoting healthy digestion have been the strongest historical use of hop petals. In addition, hops are anti-inflammatory and support the body's immune system.

🌿 Organically Certified

✅ Natural Flavouring


Water temperature: 100°C

Use 5 - 7 grams per 330ml cup

Steep for approx. 7 - 10 minutes to find your ideal strength and flavour!

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