Organic Jasmine Qucha Imperial

Organic Jasmine Qucha Imperial

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*Organic Jasmine Qucha Imperial Tea. *Certified Organic.


For green tea lovers who enjoy the natural goodness and exquisite flavour of green tea, Organic Jasmine Qucha Imperial is a must-try! This premium green tea is crafted from the best tips and is not artificially flavoured. This leads to a tea that is genuine and provides a distinct aroma and taste.

One of the notable traits of Organic Jasmine Qucha Imperial is the white lines on the green tea tips, which are a natural indication of the tea's quality and amplify its visual attraction. When steeped, the scent of the tea is outstanding and it only improves.

As the little, pearl-like tea globules swell in boiling water, they emit a complete aroma that fills the room with a delightful odour. When emptied into a cup, the tea seems green-white and entirely transparent, indicating its purity. The robust taste is a feature of premium green tea, while the gentle finale leaves a delightful aftertaste.

Organic Jasmine Qucha Imperial is a rare tea that is an absolute delight for those who appreciate the natural attractiveness and taste of green tea and Jasmine. It is an outstanding option for those who aspire to undergo the genuine flavour of green tea without any artificial flavours. The organic quality of the tea assures that it is free from harmful substances and is favourable for health. Get yours today.

Here are some key benefits of Organic Jasmine Qucha Imperial:

  • Organic Jasmine Qucha Imperial is a high-quality green tea. It is made from the finest tips and is not artificially flavoured.
  • The all-powerful antioxidants in Jasmine tea can help support your immune system by fighting bacteria and infections. As well as this, the tea has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can help reduce pain and prevent general damage to your body.
  • Jasmine is considered one of the best flowers for weight loss. It posses the same diuretic properties as many other teas, which wash toxins out of the body quickly, helping to burn fat faster.
  • Like most teas, Jasmine green tea has high levels of inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help to boost the immune system and protect against the common cold and influenza.
  • Jasmine tea is a natural relaxant for the mind and body. Jasmine is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system, improving restlessness, irritability, and insomnia.
  • Jasmine tea works wonders for dry or delicate skin! The polyphenols destroy free radicals which cause wrinkles and skin damage. They also help even out skin pigmentation and reduce fine lines. 2-3 cups per day is just the perfect amount to help you embrace a radiant glow!

🌿 Organically Certified

✅ Not Flavoured


Water temperature: 70 - 80°C

Use 4 -5 grams per 330ml cup

Steep for approx. 3 - 4 minutes to find your ideal strength and flavour!

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