Buy Organic Winter Imperial - Unwind with Festive Flavors and Health Benefits
Buy Organic Winter Imperial - Unwind with Festive Flavors and Health Benefits
Organic Winter Imperial

Organic Winter Imperial

Organic Winter Imperial

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Green Tea China Sencha*, liquorice root*, cinnamon sticks*, orange peels*, pink pepper*, natural orange flavouring, rose petals*, lavender*, China Jasmine Silverneedle*. *Certified Organic.


Sweet orange - Cinnamon taste.


The Organic Winter Imperial green tea blend evokes traditional Christmas scents and is made up of Sencha green tea and a rare white tea, known as Jasmine Silverneedle.

The blend also contains a mixture of spices and plants, such as cinnamon sticks, liquorice root and orange peel, as well as lavender, rose petals, and pink pepper. It is a great tea to enjoy quietly for a moment of relaxation. With its fruity and spicy aroma, the Organic Winter Imperial reminds you of Christmas flavours. The orange peel and cinnamon pieces offer a sweet reminder of chocolate bars, while the flower petals bring a delicate scent of country afternoons.

Choosing our organic tea is an excellent alternative to the typical Christmas chocolate or morning coffee. Our green and white teas, grown organically, contain plenty of antioxidants that are particularly beneficial for the cardiovascular system and have a protective effect on the whole body.

Cinnamon, a sweet and versatile spice, is a medicinal treasure that, when combined with organic orange peel, stimulates the immune system. Adding a hint of lemon further enhances its effects. Liquorice root is effective in relieving stomach pain and aiding digestion.

Here are some key benefits of Organic Winter Imperial:

  • Winter Imperial organic tea has traditional Christmas scents, containing a blend of festive spices such as cinnamon, liquorice root and orange peel.
  • Filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals, Sencha green tea is known to decrease inflammation, lower cholesterol and boost your immune system.
  • Sencha green tea also contains a high amount of polyphenols which are proven to halt cell damage and fend off free radicals. Additional benefits of polyphenols include aiding digestion, weight management and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Liquorice root’s antiviral and antimicrobial properties can help to boost your immune system especially in the Winter months.
  • Liquorice root in tea supports healthy estrogen levels. It also supports adrenal hormones and is very nourishing. It makes for a great tea. If you have frequent sugar cravings this is a great way to try and curb them!
  • Multiple studies have shown that liquorice root prevents and treats ulcers. It does this by increasing mucus production in the stomach, soothing the stomach lining. Liquorice also increases the blood supply to the stomach, which promotes healing.
  • Drinking orange peel in tea which is full of Vitamin C helps speed up the healing of a cold or flu. In fact, orange peel contains more Vitamin C than the orange itself… almost twice the Vitamin C.
  • A study done at the Institute of Organic Chemistry in Bulgaria found that dried orange peel, when made into a tea released more pectin than fresh orange peel… so dry your orange peel for better results!

🌿 Organically Certified

✅ Natural Flavouring


Water temperature: 70 - 80°C

Use 4 - 5 grams per 330ml cup

Steep for approx. 3 - 4 minutes to find your ideal strength and flavour!

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