Our Story

Our passion for tea started in 2015 when we spent our honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Before this, we only ever drank what is known as your more commercially available teas, as we naively presumed that they were the only teas readily available on the market. However, our minds were indeed opened when visiting all of the various tea plantations in this fantastic country.

We did not deliberately go there to visit these places; they were simply a part of our itinerary, but once we saw them, we realised that these places and people would change our lives forever! We were lucky enough to visit different tea regions in Sri Lanka, including the most famous Nuwara Eliya region and the tea plantations they had there. From the awe-inspiring landscapes of the tea terraces to the tours of the tea plantations themselves, it really opened our eyes and tastebuds just to how many different variants of loose-leaf teas there are out there, along with the numerous health benefits they possess too.

Once we were home, it was fair to say we were hooked on loose-leaf tea, whether it be the silver needle white teas of Sri Lanka or the Oolongs of the Fujian provenance; we embarked on a tea-tasting journey that spanned the globe.

The next part of our tea research uncovered all of the different health benefits of this ancient tea plant, which are plentiful! However, we soon realised that certain teas from certain plantations were heavily embroiled with chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals, which counteracted the health benefits they are known to have. Being as health conscious as we are and our passion for doing the right thing for the planet, we struggled to find any luxury organic loose-leaf tea organically certified from start to finish.

It’s easy for a company to call their products organic, but unless every process is organically certified (from plantation to packing), it is not technically ‘organic’.

So, after a lot of time doing our research and tea tasting, we decided to take our passion and tea destiny into our own hands and create a brand of solely organic but affordable, luxury loose-leaf teas from smaller organic tea plantations around the world that other people would enjoy, too!

We really hope you enjoy drinking our teas as much as we do!
Me Sat at Worlds End Sri Lanka
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