Buy Organic Earl Grey Rose Tea - Delightful Citrus & Floral Infusion
Buy Organic Earl Grey Rose Tea - Delightful Citrus & Floral Infusion
Buy Organic Earl Grey Rose Tea - Delightful Citrus & Floral Infusion
Organic Earl Grey Rose Tea

Organic Earl Grey Rose Tea

Organic Earl Grey Rose Tea

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Black Tea Assam, -South India*, lemongrass*, Black Tea Assam OP*, Black Tea Golden Yunnan OP*, orange peels*, natural bergamot flavouring, rose petals*, lemon peels*, verbena*, natural lemon flavouring, natural orange flavouring, cornflower blue*, Lime Oil*. *Certified Organic.


Bergamot - Citrus taste.


Do you love loose leaf tea and value the flawless combination of flavour and aroma in your cup? If so, then you may desire to attempt the Organic Earl Grey Rose tea blend. This loose earl grey tea fusion is produced utilising only the most exquisite organic black teas from South India and Assam. The tea leaves are carefully chosen and combined with lemongrass, orange and lemon peels, genuine bergamot flavouring, rose petals, verbena, cornflower blue, and lime oil to formulate a distinctive and best Earl Grey tea recipe.

The distinctive citrus flavour that distinguishes Earl Grey tea originates from bergamot oil derived from the rind of Italian citrus fruit. This confers a stimulating and refreshing flavour. The natural bergamot flavouring employed in this fusion guarantees that the flavour is authentic and not synthetic.

Moreover, the Earl Grey tea loose leaf fusion incorporates rose petals and verbena, which supply a fragile floral aroma that enhances the citrus notes. This results in a flavourful and aesthetically appealing combination of petals and herbs.

You can relish the Organic Earl Grey Rose tea blend as a morning drink, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a refreshing iced tea on hot Summer days. It is an excellent preference for those who fancy traditional tea with a contemporary twist. One of the finest features of this tea blend is that it is created utilising only natural flavourings and organic components, rendering it a healthier alternative for you and the environment.

You can be guaranteed that you are receiving a tea that is free of harmful chemicals and additives. 

Here are some key benefits of Organic Earl Grey Rose Tea:

  • Earl Grey tea's citrus flavour comes from Italian bergamot oil.
  • The blend includes rose petals & verbena, providing a delicate floral aroma that complements the citrus tones.
  • Enjoy as a morning beverage, afternoon pick-me-up, or refreshing iced tea.
  • Earl Grey tea contains antioxidants that support heart health and may help to prevent serious cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks and high blood pressure.
  • Studies have demonstrated the amazing anti-inflammatory properties of bergamot oil. The anti-inflammatory properties of this tea, help soothe the system and relieve constipation and acid reflux.
  • The bergamot found in Earl Grey tea is said to have a calming effect. A warm cup of tea is great for soothing any stressed nerves, but Earl Grey is specifically good for this!
  • Earl Grey can help detoxify the body and eliminate free radicals.
  • Earl Grey tea is also rich in Vitamin C and Zinc.

🌿 Organically Certified


Water temperature: 100°C

Use 5 grams per 330ml cup

Steep for approx. 3 - 5 minutes to find your ideal strength and flavour!

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Customer Reviews

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A very special Rose tea.

My goodness this is a wonderful tasting tea, you will never want a regular Earl Grey again ! All the different flavours seem to meld together perfectly. Delicious.

Jim McCann
A definite winner

Honest answer is I only got this because they were out of the normal Earl Grey and was a little concerned it would be a bit too floral or taste like a Turkish delight. I was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Its really well blended and balanced and tastes like a very well put together tea. Every flavour is there, but there's nothing dominating or trying to beat its way to the front to the detriment of the other flavours. We'll done guys. This is yummy.

Many thanks Mr McCann,

Many thanks for your kind words and were glad you like our twist on the Lady Earl / Earl Grey tea. Its subtle enough that anyone can enjoy and full of zesty flavour as you mentioned so a good all rounder

Kindest regards,
Finest Organic Tea Company