Buy Organic Night Time Tea - Unwind, Detoxify, and Embrace Serene Sleep
Buy Organic Night Time Tea - Unwind, Detoxify, and Embrace Serene Sleep
Organic Night Time Tea

Organic Night Time Tea

Organic Night Time Tea

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Nettle* (50%), balm*, camomile* (9%), spearmint*, Green Tea China Bancha*, moringa leaves*, coconut*, Lime Oil*, valerian* (3%), natural coconut flavouring, wheatgrass*, marigold*, mallow*, St.-John's-wort*. *Certified Organic.


Coconut - Lime taste.


The Organic Night Time Tea possesses a very low volume of caffeine and aids in eradicating toxins from your body whilst you are asleep. Its constituents consist of nettle, moringa, Bancha green tea and mint which collaborate to help eliminate these toxins. It additionally encompasses components such as lemon balm, valerian, and chamomile that help to stimulate relaxation and sleep. The tea is flavoured with a delightful blend of coconut and lemon.
This natural tea is an assemblage of detoxifying and soothing plants, for instance, nettle, lemon balm, moringa, chamomile, mint, valerian, and wheatgrass, which can be found at any well-known herbalist's shop. Bancha green tea, which is prepared from young leaves and buds sourced from Japan, is regarded as one of the finest green teas accessible.

The coconut and lemon peel in the tea imparts a dash of flavour to the concoction. Detoxifying plants in the tea assist in eradicating fats and fostering weight loss, refining digestion, refining the liver, and augmenting the skin's beauty, thereby making it an indispensable facet of your daily health regimen.
The calming effect of the tea stems from the presence of lemon balm, valerian, and chamomile, which also contribute to a restful sleep. Lastly, the small amount of caffeine in the Bancha green tea leaves contributes to its detoxifying qualities without disrupting your sleep.

Here are some key benefits of Organic Night Time Tea:

Organic Night Time Tea has low caffeine levels & eliminates toxins while you sleep.
  • Contains nettle, moringa, Bancha green tea and mint for toxin elimination. It also contains a blend of detoxifying and soothing plants such as lemon balm, chamomile, valerian and wheatgrass.
  • Detoxifying plants in the tea help eliminate fats, improve digestion, purify the liver and enhance skin beauty.
  • Nettle tea soothes scalp inflammation, strengthens hair, may help stimulate hair growth and has antimicrobial properties. Nettle contains calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins A and C.
  • Organic Night Time Tea has a calming effect due to the presence of lemon balm, valerian, and chamomile, which helps to promote a better nights sleep. Research has shown that when combined with herbs like valerian, lemon balm helps improve sleep. Also, drinking lemon balm tea can help with insomnia.
  • Due to its sedative properties, valerian extract can help to ease anxious feelings, calm your mind, relax anxiety-related behaviours and compulsions.
  • Another benefit of valerian root is that it acts as a phytoestrogen, an estrogen-like plant compound that substitutes estrogen when it's deficient and reduces it when levels are too high. As a phytoestrogen, valerian can combat symptoms of menopause by helping to balance estrogen levels.
  • Chamomile tea contains anti-inflammatory properties and drinking chamomile tea has been shown to reduce symptoms of inflammation. If you suffer from a chronic inflammatory condition like arthritis, chamomile can help to soothe pain and make you more comfortable.
🌿 Organically Certified

✅ Natural Flavouring


Water temperature: 100°C

Use 4 - 5 grams per 330ml cup
Steep for approx. 7 - 10 minutes to find your ideal strength and flavour!
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