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Buy Organic Christmas Tea - Savor the Warmth and Delight of Festive Flavors
Buy Organic Christmas Tea - Savor the Warmth and Delight of Festive Flavors
Organic Christmas Tea

Organic Christmas Tea

Organic Christmas Tea

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Black Tea Assam, -South India*, apple*, orange peels*, cinnamon sticks*, natural orange flavouring, rose petals*, cardamon*, natural cinnamon flavouring. *Certified Organic.


Warming Cinnamon - Orange taste.


This loose leaf organic black Christmas tea has a warming and captivating effect! Our Christmas tea consists of cinnamon, which slowly reveals a sweet orange flavour. It is a powerful and intense blend that awakens all of your senses and brings back memories of a past Christmas evening. Organic Christmas tea is of distinct flavours because of its warm notes of fruit and spices.

We have carefully selected a rich organic Assam tea, a black tea known for its strong and tannic taste. As you prepare it, you'll notice the delightful scent of cinnamon and orange. On the palate, you'll savour the aroma of apple and rose with a hint of cardamom. An ideal blend to serve as a Christmas afternoon tea.

This festive afternoon tea pairs perfectly with sweet treats like dark chocolate! Perfect on a cold Winters night! We meticulously chose the ingredients for our organic Christmas tea, and they have many natural benefits.

We've included pieces and zests of fruits that are high in vitamin C, such as apples and oranges. We've also added cinnamon and cardamom, for their digestive properties.

Assam tea on the other hand is packed with antioxidants. It can stimulate the cardiovascular system and helps the body fight age-related diseases. Get yours today to enjoy during the festive season or even all year-round!

Here are some key benefits of Organic Christmas Tea:

  • Contains antibacterial properties.
  • Organic black tea with cinnamon and sweet orange.
  • An intense and strong blend with warm fruit and spice notes.
  • Contains apple, rose, and cardamom flavours.
  • Contains fruits high in vitamin C and spices with digestive properties.
  • Contains natural antioxidants, which help prevent diabetes, by bringing down and keeping blood sugar control.
  • It is the oxidation process in making Assam black tea that gives it its high antioxidant levels.
  • One of the most important benefits of Assam black tea is its immunity-boosting ability.
  • Helps to reduce unwanted fats from our body.
  • Cinnamon works wonders in relaxing your muscles and removing tension from your body.

🌿 Organically Certified

✅ Not Flavoured


Water temperature: 100°C

Use 4 - 5 grams per 330ml cup

Steep for approx 5 - 7 minutes to find your ideal strength and flavour!

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Jim McCann
Hope it's available all year!!

Really tasty tea. Not like others that can be overpowering with festive spices, I really hope that this gets re-branded as just something like orange and cinnamon blend, or spiced fruit blend and keep it on the shelves all year round. I could happily drink this all the time, its not a gimmicky present for someone you can't think of anything better for, it's proper delicious.

Good day to you Mr McCann

Many thanks for your 5 star review. Its not a bad call at all, its very much a tasty tea all year round not just at Christmas.

Kindest regards,
Finest Organic Tea Company