Buy Organic Earl Grey Green Tea - Refreshing Citrus Infusion
 Buy Organic Earl Grey Green Tea - Refreshing Citrus Infusion
 Buy Organic Earl Grey Green Tea - Refreshing Citrus Infusion
Organic Earl Grey Green Tea

Organic Earl Grey Green Tea

Organic Earl Grey Green Tea

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Green Tea China Sencha*, natural bergamot flavouring. *Certified Organic.


Bergamot taste.


If you wish to try a novel variation of a traditional tea, you can taste the Organic Earl Grey Green Tea . This distinct blend merges the recognisable taste of bergamot with the wellness benefits of organic China Sencha green tea.

Bergamot is a form of citrus fruit that possesses a unique flavour and aroma. It is the principal element in Earl Grey tea, which is among the most well-liked tea assortments Worldwide.

The Organic Green Tea Earl Grey employs natural bergamot flavouring to provide the tea with its distinct taste. The tea utilised in this blend is China Sencha, which is a high-quality organic green tea. Sencha is a category of Chinese green tea acknowledged for its subtle flavour and scent. It is rich in antioxidants and has been verified to possess numerous health benefits, such as decreasing the chance of heart disease and certain forms of cancer.

When you make this unique Earl Grey tea, you will rapidly observe the invigorating aroma of bergamot. The tea has a light, refreshing taste that is ideal for any period of the day. Additionally, it is a suitable option if you are searching for a healthier substitute for traditional Earl Grey tea which is often created with black tea.

One of the most exceptional features of Earl Grey green tea is that it is organic. This indicates that the tea is cultivated and refined without the application of hazardous chemicals or pesticides. By electing organic tea, you are not only taking care of your well-being, but you are also promoting sustainable agriculture methods. 

Here are some key benefits of Organic Green Tea Earl Grey:

  • Organic Earl Grey combines the flavour of bergamot with the health benefits of organic green tea.
  • Bergamot is a type of citrus fruit that provides Earl Grey tea with its distinctive taste and aroma.
  • The tea uses natural bergamot flavouring and high-quality China Sencha green tea.
  • China Sencha is known for its delicate flavour, aroma, and high antioxidant content.
  • Drinking Organic Earl Grey green tea may help to reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer owing to the high amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols.
  • Compounds in bergamot and green tea may promote healthy digestion, and lower your cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
  • Sencha green tea is known to decrease inflammation and boost your immune system.
  • Sencha has the compound 'L-theanine', which can induce calmness, lower one's heart rate and is overall beneficial for sleep.

🌿 Organically Certified

✅ Natural Flavouring


Water temperature: 70 - 80 °C

Use 4 - 5 grams per 330ml cup

Steep for approx. 2 - 3 minutes to find your ideal strength and flavour!

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